thailand-koh-phangan-peninsulaOne important aspect about healing is the environment where you spend your time. Away from stress, city smog and electromagnetic radiation like wifi, and preferably in a beautiful, natural environment. That is one of the reasons I chose the beautiful island of Koh Phangan for my Home of Healing. You can check out ecophangan.com for places to get healthy food and things to do. They say the island sits on a bed of ancient crystal and many who come here feel its energy. Many yogis come to the island to one of its many retreats, and many masters offer healing, dancing and other lessons. They call it “sticky island” because no one wants to leave once they get here.

If you decide to come to Thailand and have only a limited time, I would suggest you choose only a few paradise spots instead of filling up your itinerary with many places. If you do the latter you will find yourself spending a lot of your vacation time crammed in a bus, and the connections can get rather stressful.

This island is very natural and not destroyed by commercialism, like many places in Thailand. Come and enjoy some of our many peaceful beaches, enjoy a vacation without stress and come back home like a newborn baby!

Here are a few albums from a friend of mine:
Koh Phangan 1
Koh Phangan 2